PSP2: patents point to multitouch and trackpad

Next-gen handheld could be controlled by separate touch panel

Seven new patents detail plans for much-anticipated handheld console.

The PSP2 just will not go away right now. The latest tittle tattle about the next-gen handheld hub centres around a slew of new patents, unearthed by PlayStation Lifestyle, which show plans to bring touchscreen tech to the much-hyped device.

The patents point to the inclusion of pinch-to-zoom skills, as well as plans to include a trackpad which would handle touchscreen swipes without you having to prod the panel itself. The idea is to give gamers the chance to see the whole screen without obscuring it with their greasy paws.

One of the patents suggests this could lead to the inclusion of a ‘Track Back Touch Pad’, from where finger movements could be detected and played out on screen. This ties in with previous rumours about such a unique interface.

The patents show a string of different designs for the PSP2, suggesting the final model is yet to be nailed down. How a rear trackpad would work in the wild is something that remains unclear.

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Via PlayStation Lifestyle