PSN Welcome Back package causes errors

Download glitch as millions claim PS3 freebie package

Victims of the latest Sony PSN hackings have reported problems while trying to access the gaming network to claim their free gifts, offered to them by Sony as compensation for the hackings

It's been a tough old time for Sony's PlayStation this past month. First, the PSN was attacked by internet ne'er-do-wells out to pilfer users' personal information; then L.A. Noire developers Rockstar claimed the latest firmware update was causing PS3s to overheat (it wasn't, turns out); then, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, a million members had their personal account details rifled through by a different gang of cyber ruffians.

The PSN is, however, now back up and running, and to make up for the outage users were promised a collection of freebies from Sony by way of apology. PSN users registered before April 20th 2011 get two free games (from a selection of nine), some free movie rentals for the weekend and a month's free access to the PlayStation Plus service, as part of what Sony are calling the "Welcome Back" package.

However, the rush of users back to the PlayStation network is seemingly overwhelming the servers on Sony's end, with some gamers looking to redeem their offer of free goodies being greeted with a characteristically cryptic error message (80710D36) preventing them from getting at their free content.

Sony have responded to the problem via the European PlayStation Blog's official Twitter account (@PlayStationEU), saying: "Anyone having problems go to XMB > account management > transaction management > services list and you can access it again from there". However, we tested the fix and frustratingly found that just selecting the Account Management option from our PlayStation's Media Bar brought up the same 80710D36 error.

We'll be watching @PlayStationEU for possible Twitter updates. In the meantime, it looks like those affected will have to wait just a little bit longer for the PSN to get itself back up to speed.

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