Portal 2 cleans up at IGN E3 awards

Valve's first person puzzler very much still alive

Valve scores big in IGN E3 poll with follow up to Game of the Year, Portal.

There was much for gamers to salivate over at this year's E3 Expo: PlayStation's Move and Microsoft's Kinect going after the Wii's motion-controlled monopoly, specs-less 3D gaming from Nintendo's 3DS, and a wave of hi-spec games launching for the Christmas holidays and early 2011.

But despite all the competition, according to IGN's Best of E3 Awards the real showstopper for expo attendees was Valve's Portal 2, which swept up a hat trick of awards for Best PC Game, Best PS3 Game and Best Xbox 360 Game, as well as the award for Best Puzzle Game.


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The follow-up to Game of the Year Portal, the footage of Portal 2 at E3 showed a return to the Aperture Science "Enrichment Centre" - the puzzle-rich facility in which the mysterious Aperture Science Inc. test their wormhole-like portal technology. A first person shooter (albeit without the guns), the player progressed through the original using linked portals to dodge machine gun turrets, energy blasts and pools of toxic waste - all the while being taunted by the facility's all-seeing artificial intelligence, which alternated between deadpanning assessments of your progress and chivvying you along with promises of cake and a party. More than once, it also tried to murder you.

Portal 2 adds more traps, puzzles and gameplay elements like slippery oil and collapsing floors, as well as a British-voiced companion sphere you must carry for at least a portion of the game. According to the E3 trailer, we can expect to be back in the Enrichment Centre by early 2011.

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