Pizza Express installs iPod docks and domes in outlets

You listening? Musical domes hit Pizza Express in UK

Pizza Express has decided to introduce a bit of a personalized musical atmosphere to their restaurants. They've installed iPod docks in tables, with sound-proof domes hanging over it too.

T3 has reported that a similar concept was unveiled in Japan a few months ago, but this is the first time we'll be seeing it in Blighty.

Choose your music, lighting and your toppings via the iPod dock. The dome on top is to ensure privacy - your music is kept in and the noise from other tables is kept out.

Apart from the musical and topping-ordering functions, there's also a light feature, which allows diners to either call staff, request the bill or ask to be left alone. You might as well be in your own home, with the amount of interaction with the outside world being cut off drastically with this innovation.

The first iPod dock-and-dome Pizza Express will launch in Richmond, in an experimental 'Living Lab'. Based on customer feedback, other outlets with similar functions can hope to spring up all over the country.

Acoustician Sergio Luzzi and architect Ab Rogers are responsbile for the musical pizza experience.

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