OnLive cloud gaming targetting Xbox 360 and PS3 inclusion

Exclusive: OnLive CEO hopes for leading console inclusion

OnLive Xbox 360 and PS3 compatibility to follow UK release date?

With the OnLive UK release date confirmed yesterday, founder and CEO Steve Perlman has revealed he hopes to bring the cloud-based gaming service to Microsoft’s and Sony's leading consoles in the near future.

"We are quite open, if the opportunity arises, to allow OnLive to run on consoles," Perlman admitted in an exclusive interview with T3.

Coming to the UK for the first time on September 22nd, following more than a year of availability in the US, OnLive is a subscription based cloud gaming service that allows users to access their digital gaming catalogue from any PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet with a broadband connection. An additional micro console allows gamers to run the service on any HDTV.

With Perlman insisting OnLive is designed to be "complimentary to consoles rather than a direct competitor," the service's founder, CEO and president has expressed his interest in having OnLive run on the current market dominating Xbox 360 and PS3 devices.

"We've been actively pursuing running OnLive on consoles since the beginning," Perlman said. "The other people that are pushing it are the publishers."

He added: "There is no technical obstacle, the only real boundary is the console makers, they have to decide what is available on their consoles. We use a very small fraction of the computing power of a console to make OnLive work, it runs just fine on all of them, even the Wii."

Reluctant to give a date on when users can expect to see OnLive reaching the Xbox and PS3 Perlman said: "I think you'll be seeing OnLive appearing on TVs and Blu-ray players first because that's easier. We are trying to work with as many partners as we can and it's all a matter of when they are ready to go."

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