OnLive cloud gaming service launches in the US

23 titles ready to stream to your Mac or PC

...With one years free subscription for those who pre-registered

It’s been the subject of a lot of controversy since its announcement last year, but now cloud gaming via your desktop browser is up and running, courtesy of OnLive.

The service has just kicked off in the States, offering a range of 23 titles including Assassin's Creed 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum, which can be streamed to your Mac or Windows PC. The debate surrounding OnLive has been on whether consumer’s broadband speeds will be universally fast enough to bring gaming without lag.

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"We are showing off what we've got," Speaking at E3 this year, OnLive’s senior product manager Michael Miller said: "We are excited because we know this is the first step in cloud gaming." He continued to claim that "nobody else offers a one-click, instant-on gaming experience with these high quality titles. We think we've taken a huge step forward but we still have a ways to go.

"Saved games, configurations, purchases are saved and accessible from anywhere. You can log-off at home, travel to another state and pick up in a game where you left off. We think that's really powerful."

At the moment, the service costs $15 per month for new sign ups, or is free for the first year for anyone who jumped on board at the pre-register stage. There’ll soon be a micro-console that will let users connect their TV to the service. Miller said the it’ll be "the device that is going to bring on-demand gaming into the living room. Plug into the Internet, plug into the TV and you are ready to play the hottest games. This is cloud gaming."

OnLive is a go in the US, but there’s no word yet on a UK release. With our broadband speeds being what they are, though, it might be a while. Even so, if you think it's worthy enough you should head to the T3 Gadget Awards 2010 site to vote for Onlive as Innovation of the Year.