OnLive cloud gaming not a console competitor says CEO

Exclusive: OnLive CEO: OnLive will not challenge consoles

OnLive CEO Steve Perlman tells T3 the OnLive cloud gaming service will not be a challenger to current consoles

Following confirmation that the OnLive UK release date has been set for September 22nd, Steve Perlman, CEO of the cloud-based gaming service has said OnLive will not compete with established consoles.

Speaking exclusively with T3 Perlman, CEO, founder and president of OnLive said the new gaming service is not a “direct competitor” of current consoles and that it will look to forge a market for itself alongside the existing Xbox 360 and PS3 market leaders.

“We coexist with the console,” Perlman said. “Gamers see us as an opportunity to get demos quickly, or try games. We are trying very hard to position ourselves as complimentary to consoles rather than as a direct competitor.”

With OnLive set to hit the UK for the first time on September 22nd with a catalogue of more than 100 games, Perlman said UK gamers will benefit from a fully formed and well tested system. “I think the UK could see the States as a huge Beta test. We launched in the US with 19 games and we were very cautious about making sure it was reliable.

He added: “OnLive’s going to hit the UK with a library of over 100 games most of them the latest games. It is going to be available on all devices, not just PC and Mac.”

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