Nokia CEO brands Samsung buyout claims as 'baseless'

Nokia CEO: Samsung takeover is 'baseless'.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia Corporation, denies Samsung takeover - just weeks after shooting down rumours of a buyout by Microsoft

Nokia’s Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop has openly dismissed reports Samsung is constructing a takeover bid of the Finnish phone company, stating such rumours are ‘baseless’.

Having previously refuted claims that a takeover from Microsoft was in the works, Elop, speaking at the Open Mobile Summit in London yesterday, hit out at similar claims surrounding Nokia and tech giant Samsung declaring “all the rumours are baseless.”

Rumours that Samsung is plotting a takeover of Nokia began circulating earlier this week with the proposed buyout tipped to see Samsung become a leading force in the Windows Phone 7 market, a position that alongside its current strong Android showing would see the Korean firm head multiple mobile divisions.

Nokia has recently partnered with Microsoft to become a lead supplier of Window Phone 7 powered handsets, a deal that will see the former leader of the mobile market ship its first Phone 7 devices later this year alongside the Mango update to the revolutionary mobile operating system.

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Via: TheGuardian