Nintendo Wii U: no second controller required

Ninty boss says additional controller would be too expensive

Devs told to make games using one controller, with second player having to settle for Wii remote.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the company’s recently announced Wii U will only make use of one super-sized controller at launch. In an interview, Iwata claimed that it would be too expensive to sell the tablet-like controller separately.

Developers have been told to create titles that only make use of one controller, with additional players able to interact with games using the old-school Wii remote. As shown at E3, original Wii controls can interact with the Wii U’s hulking effort.

Iwata did say, however, that it was possible that games could use two Wii U controllers. That at least leaves the door open for users to take their own controls over to a mate’s house and make it a proper two-player party.

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Via Engadget