Nintendo DSi sales soar following price reduction

3DS announcement doesn't slow DSi sales figures

Nintendo take it to the bank

Nintendo has seen a massive jump in sales of its Nintendo DSi console following a price reduction last month, the console manufacturer has announced.

Sales of the DSi have risen 40 per cent since the £30 price drop took the pocket gamer down to just £129.99 in mid-June despite the next, overwhelmingly exciting edition of Nintendo’s portable console range, the glasses-free 3D gaming touting Nintendo 3DS less than 12-months away,

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Confirmed by Nintendo, the UK's Head of Communications, Rob Saunders has said: "Since the adjustment in trade price has been passed on to consumers, each of the previous three weeks have seen DSi sales increase by over 40 per cent week-on-week."

With some supermarkets offering the DSi even cheaper than its cut-price RRP, parents are seemingly unfazed or unaware of the imminent arrival of what is set to be the next must-have piece of tech and are making the most of the price drop to ensure some happy and quiet children come the start of the summer's school break.

However, with just the DSi receiving the price cut, it is unknown whether the console’s low price sales have affected the number of Nintendo DS Lite’s and DSi XL’s shifting from shelves. One thing is for certain though, Sony’s announcement that there would be no price cuts to the PSP in order to better compete in the portable gaming market might need some revising.

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