Nintendo 3DS UK release date and price announced

March 25th UK arrival given to 3D gaming device

Glasses-free 3D portable games console dated for UK arrival

The long awaited glasses-free 3D portable gaming device, the Nintendo 3DS, will land in the UK on March 25th with prices to be decided by retailers gaming giant Nintendo has revealed.

Originally announced at E3 last year, the 3DS will be available in Cosmos Black or Aqua Blue colour forms with the pocket-friendly 3D gaming device to feature a 3.5-inch specs-less 3D display further enhanced by dual rear-facing cameras allowing for 3D snaps that can enable automated Mii maker.

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Officially dated at the European grand unveiling in Amsterdam, Nintendo has confirmed that the ground breaking 3DS will be supported by a minimum of 25 3D game releases by June with a full catalogue of titles featuring releases to whet the appetites of a wide variety of gaming fans.

Joining the pre-announced likes of Nintendogs and Mario Kart a number of developers appeared on stage in Amsterdam to announce their opening 3DS launches. Pick of the gaming crop was the Konami offering of PES 2011 3D and the Capcom confirmation of Street Fighter IV in 3D.

Thrust users into the immersive world of 3D gaming PES 2011 3D will use an adapted camera angle allowing for a more personalised gaming experience taking gamers down to pitch-level instead of watching the action from a TV style broadcast camera.

Nintendo and a number of developers were keen to express the connectivity options of the 3DS with SpotPass and StreetPass features highly touted. Whilst SpotPass will allow the console to wirelessly and remotely connect to BT fon Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK allowing users to receive game related notifications and data as well as 3D video content from EuroSport and, in the future, Sky 3D, StreetPass will allow 3DS users to share and interact with each other remotely, exchanging gamer information with fellow 3DS users they pass in the street. Whilst Mii character exchange can show what country or region fellow 3DS users are from as well as the last software they used the exchange is a switch on service not required by privacy conscious users.

Announced for launch in the US days after its European arrival, Stateside gamers will be able to snap up the 3DS on March 27th priced $249.99. Although Nintendo declared UK retailers will decide upon the consoles retail price HMV is currently offering the 3DS for pre-order priced £229.99.

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