Next-gen Apple TV to include TV tuner?

Rumours suggest Apple's next set top box will come with Xbox One like functions

Apple is planning to include a built-in TV tuner with its next generation Apple TV set top box, according to reports.

A built-in TV tuner would add similar functionality to that seen in the Xbox One, as well as Sky and Virgin set top boxes. The claim was reported by 9to5Mac.

The tuner would also allow users to control the content of their TV – including their Sky, Virgin and BT boxes – through the Apple TV box.

Such a move would mean Apple was no longer simply delivering content services, such as Netflix and of course iTunes.

More than just a TV box

In addition to including a built-in TV tuner, 9to5Mac also claims that Apple will include an integrated 802.11ac wireless router in the next-gen set top box.

According to the website, the router could be used to improve the device’s streaming quality by being plugged in directly via ethernet.

The latest rumours follow claims last week that the next update to Apple’s TV set top box will have a large gaming focus. That will include the ability to download apps directly to the box. Whether that will mean the introduction of the full App Store, or a ‘Game Store’ we’ll have to wait and see.

That update is rumoured to be arriving in March or April.

Developers are also said to be working on a bluetooth controller that will turn Apple’s TV set top box into a games console.