New GTA 5 screens shots released by Rockstar

New snaps give gamers a glimpse in to what to expect from Rockstar's upcoming hit

With GTA 5 expected to be released in October, Rockstar has released a fresh batch of screen shots that give gamers a glimpse into what to expect

Although we hoped Rockstar might drop some Grand Theft Auto 5 info at last week's Gamescom, it's gone some way to make up for it by releasing three brand new images online today.

The three screenshots – one of a sports car, one of a bike, and one of a fighter jet – promise to bring a range of vehicles to the next title in the sandbox series.

The plane will be particularly welcomed back by fans after its absence in GTA 4.

Already we’re speculating on every detail of these pictures. Who’s that in the fighter jet? Does the sports bike suggest there might be some sort of professional cycling involved in the game?

Although Rockstar didn’t elaborate on the pictures, it did end the post - titled "transportation" - by adding: “More to come this week”. We expect we’ll be hitting that refresh button a lot over the coming days.