Motorola Android tablet set for November?

Analyst claims he's been told about new 10-inch machi

Android Gingerbread said to be on board big-time iPad rival, due out later this year.

The end of 2010 is likely to see a raft of iPad wannabes emerge, almost all of them packing Google Android under the hood. On top of efforts from Acer and Samsung, now you can add Motorola, whose much rumoured slate has been pegged for November.

That’s according to analyst Ashok Kumar, a man never shy of expressing his opinion on all things tech. He claims to have spoken to someone “familiar with the project”, who says it’ll rock a 10-inch screen with Android Gingerbread inside.

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That release date would certainly tie in with rumours about the next-gen version of Android, which some claim will land as soon as October. What’s certain is that with BlackBerry, HP and others plotting tablets too, Motorola will want to be first to the punch.

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Via Unwired View