Microsoft Kinect official accessories revealed

PDP offers official new ways to position device

New ways to mount your Kinect

Microsoft has announced its range of official Kinect accessories. Partnering with American gaming accessories supplier PDP, the four Kinect peripherals allow for a wider range of options when positioning the motion-sensing device.

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The Wall Mount ($14, or £10) and TV Mount ($39.99, or £26) are self-explanatory, the TV Mount using the VESA spec; allowing Kinect to be mounted on any TV from 26 to 60-inches. The Cable Extension ($49.99 - £32) adds an extra 9-feet to the wired connection, while the Floor stand ($29.99 - £20) features an adjustable, camera-style tripod base, which the official spec says will “help protect the Kinect for Xbox 360 from foot traffic and dirt.”

The accessories will be available for the device’s November 4th US launch, although there is no word yet whether they’ll be available for the UK release date on November 10th. Stay tuned to, and the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for further updates.

Link: Tech Radar