Microsoft admit Xbox Dashboard fault

Fix is on its way says Larry Hryb

Microsoft have come forward to admit there are some issues concerning the new Dashboard however had said that a fix is on its way already

Microsoft have admitted that the problem some users were having with colourspacing on the new-look Xbox 360 Dashboard, while there is no confirmed date yet the company has confirmed an update is on its way.

The problem was first brought into the limelight when several users got in contact with Engadget to let them know that they were having problems with the colourspacing on the Dashboard and also on some of the video apps.

Since then Microsoft have been investigating the problem and confirmed it today via Larry Hryb or (@MajorNelson) on Twitter with a brief statement to reassure gamers.

"We’re aware of the colorspace issue w/ some Xbox video apps & are working on a fix. No ETA yet but we hope to have an update soon."

With rumours already circling around whether a new Xbox console will make a teaser appearance at this years E3 conference the pressure will be on Microsoft to make sure everything is running smoothly by then.

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Source: Engadget