Microsoft Xbox Kinect to be used in space satellite trials

UK-based company to use gaming peripheral as testbed for future satellites

Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360 is to be integrated into advanced satellites as a means of automating their movement, a Surrey firm has announced

The Xbox Kinect is to be heading where no games console has been before thanks to a UK satellite company which plans to use the motion-sensing technology found in the console accessory in its future satellites.

Surrey Satellite Technology hopes to use the gaming tech to automate its satellites when it comes to performing tasks such as docking, clearing space debris and carrying out advanced maneuvering, according to reports.

Despite being a piece of consumer technology, the hardware inside the Xbox Kinect is hugely advanced as you can find out through T3's exclusive feature: How does Microsoft Kinect actually works.

Using the advanced optics inside the Kinect the two tiny test satellites will utilise their new eyes and coordinate with the other performing tasks and eventually docking.

Xbox Kinect for Microsoft Xbox 720

There have been rumours that Microsoft has actually been working on an even more advanced version of the Microsoft Kinect which would then directly tie in with the upcoming Xbox 720 when its release date arrives, reportedly around December 2012.

Tipped as being powerful enough to read users’ lips, the second-generation Kinect add-on will also host the ability to sense when gamers are angry and calculate which direction they're facing.

Building on the current popular but heavily limited platform, the touted Kinect 2 is said to offer increased user interaction and data transfer speeds, with the now somewhat aging USB connection to be replaced by a faster means of teathering.

An improved sensor and heightened voice recognition will ensure the Kinect follow-up allows for more detailed and core gaming experiences.