Kinect bundles battering Move

Is Microsoft really winning the motion control war?

Analyst claims Xbox 360 with Kinect outdoing PS3 with Move.

The battle for motion control supremacy this Christmas is reaching its climax. And with Sony and Microsoft trading blows when it comes to sales figures, the Big M appears to have received a boost from analyst extraordinaire Michael Pachter.

See, he claims that Xbox 360 console plus Kinect bundles are outselling PS3 plus Move bundles by a massive five to one. That suggests more people are buying an Xbox 360 specifically with Kinect in mind, helping the Big M become top dog in the casual games market.

Pachter also claimed that while a half of all Xbox 360 sales were as part of Kinect bundles, only a third of PS3 sales had a Move controller included in the box.

These are no doubt interesting stats. But we won’t know the full story until both players unveil their Christmas sales figures. Anecdotally it looks like Microsoft has it, but Sony’s clearly doing swift business too.

Via Eurogamer