iPhone app prototype lets you listen to your heartrate

New fitness app allows you to ditch chest band

New prototype could have use for medical professionals as well as fitness freaks.

Fed up of those restrictive chest-bands that deliver the all-important bmps during your post-Christmas work-out? Well a new app for iPhone could allow you to ping that elastic strip away once and for all.

Swiss company CSEM has just put the finishing touches on an app called Pulsear, which monitors your heart rate, informs you through the headphones and allows you to compare data with your previous work-outs.

"Lots of people listen to music while they exercise and lots of people find the belts uncomfortable," said CSEM's Dr. Andrea Ridolfi, "so we thought it made sense to measure heart rate through the ear."

The current iteration of the prototype only measures heart-rate but CSEM say that future versions of the app will allow users to measure other vital stats like blood oxygen levels.

Pulsear is based on ideas used to create sonar technology for astronauts and researchers say the prototype could have commercial as well as uses for medical professionals. Price and release date are yet to be confirmed.

Link: Independent