iOS 4.2 beta enables iPad internet tethering?

Latest iOS update reveals new iPad features

iPad tethering screenshot reveals potential new Apple tablet addition

Apple's iOS 4.2 beta which was released this week, has revealed internet tethering settings for the iPad.

A screenshot from an iPad 3G running on 3's network, shows a dedicated section for the feature which currently only enables iPhone users to share their internet connection with a laptop or desktop computer.

The fact that the iPad runs on the same OS as the iPhone means accessing the menu is done in exactly the same way as you would do through the Apple smartphone.

If you want to find out if internet tethering is enabled for your iPad in the settings menu, you need to do the following: Tap Settings > General > Network> Internet Tethering.

So far it has only appeared on European versions of the iPad, which could mean we get our hands on it first.

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Link: Softpedia (via Mac Rumours)

Picture credit: Paul Grav