iOS 4.1: new iPhone features unveiled

New Game Centre and redesigned signal bars included

Devs get OS update first, but no fix for antenna issues.

While Apple struggles to deal with the burgeoning iPhone 4 antenna crisis with tomorrow’s press conference, it’s still managed to sneak out an iOS update to developers, complete with some tweaks to the stellar operating system.

The Game Centre has been given a complete overhaul with a new, much less Apple-like design. There’s also watermarking for jailbroken devices, which could cause problems for punters living outside the strict Apple ecosystem.

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Perhaps the most notable change comes with the signal bars, which have been redesigned in light of the iPhone 4 antenna fiasco. Of course, this is not a fix for the problem, but does give a better indication of how strong reception is where you are.

Only devs can get hold of iOS 4.1 right now, with Apple tightening up regulation so access to the software isn’t leaked online.

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Via MacStories