HTC 'Vision/Vanguard' spotted through FCC pics

Leaked pictures confirm HTC 4-inch slider and poss 1.2GHz?

Image 1 of 4 HTC Vision 4
HTC 'Vision/Vanguard' spotted through FCC
Image 2 of 4 HTC Vision 3
HTC 'Vision/Vanguard' spotted through FCC
Image 3 of 4 HTC Vision 2
HTC 'Vision/Vanguard' spotted through FCC
Image 4 of 4 HTC Vision 1
HTC 'Vision/Vanguard' spotted through FCC

We've finally come up with a theory: HTC is deliberately leaking 100 different photos and codenames to keep us guessing, can't beat the FCC though.

Photos have surfaced from FCC tests on a HTC slider condenamed the PD42100, it shows a 4-inch screen, slide out keyboard and the four buttons of an Android operating system.

Click here for full pictures of the HTC PD2100

Most rumours believe this is the HTC 'Vision' or 'Vanguard' that may well get its opening at the 15 September HTC Press announcement. Last spotted a few months ago the 'Vision/Vanguard' is rumoured to have a 1.2GHz processor and either be running Android 2.2 or even Android 3.0.

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We recently also wrote a story about the possible launch of a Wndows Phone 7 handset also coming from HTC: the HD7. Whether both these handsets will feature in HTC's announcement isn't clear, but with these pictures showing it adorned in the Verizon colours it looks like this will more likely be focused on a US release rather than heading our way. Of course don't take our word on it, stay posted next week for all of HTC's official announcement.

Link: Engadget