HTC tablets to feature 'HTC Sensation' user interface

Trademark Sense UI to be upgraded for tablet use

HTC file patent for 'HTC Sensation' UI

HTC looks set to release a range of tablet devices in the coming months with its trademark Sense UI to make the jump from its smartphone devices with a slight name change.

Tipped to be readying the HTC Flyer tablet for a grand unveiling at Mobile World Congress 2011 next month, a new patent filing from the Taiwanese tech giant suggests HTC’s popular mobile user interface is going to be upgraded for tablet compatibility under the new moniker 'HTC Sensation'.

Filed last Wednesday, January 19th, HTC’s patent filing requests commercial ownership of the term ‘HTC Sensation’ when being used in relation to and representation of a number of product types and services including mobile phones, wireless devices and portable computers.

Expected to launch an Android 2.3 powered tablet in the MWC halls of Barcelona, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou last month declared the company responsible for the iPhone toppling HTC Desire would be launching tablet devices in 2011. He said: [Customers] may want Windows or Android; or they may want big screen or small screen, they may want keyboard or tablet; HTC will let the consumer decide.”

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Via: TechRadar