HTC Mozart: first Windows Phone 7 mobile coming October?

Leaked details point to new Microsoft mobile

Pictures may look suspect, but Mozart is being tipped for an October release regardless.

HTC Mozart. That’s the name of the first Windows Phone 7 mobile and it’s coming out in October this year. That’s according to a leaked doc from Australian network Telstra, although the pic doesn’t seem to show the new device in all its glory.

Instead, it appears Telstra has slapped a Windows Phone 7 homescreen on top of an HTC Desire. However, Windows Mobile fanatics are claiming that the Mozart is the real deal.

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It certainly ties in with Microsoft’s plans for a Q4 release. For non-business types, Q4 starts in October. HTC has already expressed its hopes of having a Windows Phone 7 cell ready-to-go, with LG also said to be lining up its own effort.

For now, this remains very much on the rumour pile, with specs and further details unknown. But the questionable name and the October release date suggest this phone isn't far off getting official.

Via Xda developers