HTC Flyer price revealed on German Amazon

HTC tablet priced lower than equivalent iPad

HTC's Flyer tablet to launch cheaper than equivalent iPad.

Here's a position we would never have predicted for Apple: having their iPad take up the mantle of budget option in the tablet market. Of all the positive trends to come out of Mobile World Congress (dual-core smartphones, Honeycomb tablets, HD playback) one thing we're not fans of at all are the rumoured price tags surrounding the next generation of tablets. $1200 for the Motorla Xoom? 999 Euros for an LG Optimus Pad? Stick that in your recession, gadgeteers.

One company that doesn't seem to have completely lost the fiscal plot is HTC, however, whose MWC-debuted Flyer tablet has been spied by German tech fans lurking over on The asking price is 669 Euros (or £563 for us in Blighty) - around the same price as a 16GB iPad 3G, which considering the Flyer packs 32GB of space into it's aluminium body, makes it a comparative bargain (a 32GB iPad 3G will set you back £612, in comparison).

The HTC flyer is only available for pre-order, and only so far from, but with other tablet producers seemingly banding about prices north of £700 or even £800, perhaps the Flyer will be the one to slink away with Apple's tablet crown. Take a look at our hands-on HTC Flyer pictures and let us know what you think.

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