HP: webOS in printers on the cards

Palm OS coming to printers but not netbooks not feeling love

Web-connected printers likely to feel webOS love according to HP suit.

Palm’s webOS could make its way into HP’s new printer line up. That’s according to the company’s CTO Shane Robison, who told a gathering of tech aficionados that new web-based printers would be ideal for the mobile operating system.

Robison said that the new machines would be able to print without a computer, while webOS would allow HP to have a ‘consistent interface’ on a raft of these devices.

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However, Robison said that webOS would not be replacing Windows on HP’s netbooks, saying he didn’t want to, “…wreck the market.” However, he did say the operating system could supplement Windows 7.

Sadly, there was no talk of the much-vaunted PalmPad. But it does seem that HP has got some exciting plans for webOS coming up. What do you think? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Via Cnet