Hawk-Eye on FIFA shortlist for goal-line technology

3D also on Sony agenda for live sports tracking tech

T3 talks to Sony about its latest broadcasting buy

Yesterday, Sony officially announced its acquisition of Hawk-Eye Ltd and we now have confirmation that the live sports ball tracking system has been shortlisted by FIFA to potentially solve the long-running goal-line technology debate.

T3 spoke to David Bush, Director of Marketing, Sony Professional who revealed hopes for the company to bring the technology to other sports including the 'beautiful game' saying:

"Football is an area of interest. Everything as you know hinges on FIFA and the direction they will take with goal-line technology. FIFA made an announcement at the weekend that there is no firm decision. It’s still positive in terms of direction. But there is still a lot more trials needed. Now we are waiting to here more details about that, but I can say that Hawk-Eye is one of the shortlisted companies taking part in those trials."

Bush also revealed that FIFA is planning to make a decision on goal-line technology early next year, "FIFA outlined a decision point of about this time next year to the equivalent meeting next year around March time when they expect to make a final decision."

Whether Sony have had direct discussions with FIFA, Bush said that none had taken place but that Sony Professional would be "supporting the trials with Hawk-Eye."

As well as continuing to grow the presence of Hawk-Eye in cricket and tennis where the technology is most prominently used, the first steps in the new relationship look set to be focused around 3D. Bush commented that the growing subject in broadcasting was a 'predictable first base," adding, "In the short term we will be looking at things like 3D as the first flowering of that relationship."

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