Halo: Reach disc errors confirmed by Microsoft

Game stopping disc errors acknowledged by Microsoft

Halo shrugs off issues to continue strong launch

Tech kingpin Microsoft has confirmed that a number of avid Halo: Reach gamers have been unable to play their copies of the franchise’s latest title instead being presented with a disc read error when they attempt to launch the game.

Acknowledging the issue in an official release, Microsoft said: We are aware of a very small number of customers reporting that their copy of Halo Reach is causing a 'disc read' error. Those affected should contact Microsoft customer support."

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The game’s developers Bungie, who have confirmed that Reach will be there last Halo title have also commented on the disc errors faced by a number of users writing on its website: "We feel your pain (we want you to play Reach, too!). If you're receiving a disc read error with Halo: Reach, or any other title for that matter, Microsoft customer support is your path to resolution."

Despite these disc read issues and the revelation that Xbox 360 owners without a substantial hard drive cannot make use of Reach’s co-op modes, the swansong to the Halo franchise has proven phenomenally successful recording record sales of $200 million in its opening 24 hours. Further figures released on Bungie’s website have revealed that total game time within six days of launch topped 2,000 continuous years with over 31 million games having been played within the same opening week period.

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