FIFA game chief cool on Kinect and Move

Motion control not coming to football game

Boss says motion gaming might work but that he's yet to find a compelling reason for it.

The man behind the best-selling FIFA franchise, David Rutter, has said he’s not keen on bringing support for Microsoft’s Kinect or Sony’s Move to the football title. Speaking at the end of E3, Rutter said he was yet to see how it could work well with such games.

“I don't really fancy standing up and kicking a ball at a telly. There are some cool things, a goalkeeper could work very well, but obviously we're not talking about anything like that."

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Rutter confirmed that FIFA 11 would not work with Kinect or Move, largely because the game is due before both are on the market.

However, his comments are a telling sign that not everyone remains convinced by so-called motion gaming. It seems if you want to get sweaty playing football, you’ll need to hit your local park rather than play FIFA on the latest tech from gaming’s big boys.

Via Eurogamer