FIFA 13 release date to prompt Nintendo Wii U announcement?

As the FIFA 13 release date rumours continue to swirl, Nintendo fanboys are gearing up for excitement

FIFA 13 release date rumours prompt Nintendo Wii U tie-up goss, but will we be seeing the game on the Wii’s successor, come its official launch?

FIFA 12 was arguably the best footie title released last year, launching to rave reviews and surpassing 10m sales in February – just four months after its official release.

The game was made available on several platforms, including the Xbox 360 and PS3, however, one console was left in the shade – the motion-controlled Nintendo Wii.

No fault of EA’s mind, as the console lacked the relevant kit to support such a high spec game, however, that won’t be the case when the machine’s successor the Nintendo Wii U launches, reportedly in November.

According to InEntertainment, we could expect to see a FIFA game being made available on the upcoming Wii U, which is expected to be showcased at E3 2012 (June).

The site claims to have viewed a comment on the EA forums – which we couldn’t find despite our best efforts – along with several others that include suggestions on how the game could best be equipped to run on the Wii U.

One such idea is that all the information, such as scores and league table positions, could be transferred onto the Wii U’s touchpad controller, giving gamers a clearer view of the screen.

Apparently, we won’t be seeing any tricks or gimmicks: Nintendo is reportedly hoping to be taken seriously by the hardcore gaming crowd once again with the Wii U (its reputation waned somewhat following the launch of the family-friendly Wii).

We already know that FIFA 13 is in production – a batch of screenshots were released by EA today to promote the upcoming title – but chances are the console will launch before the game will.

If this is the case, rumour has it the current FIFA 12 will be made available for the Wii U, with a FIFA 13 follow-up touching base when the game officially lands, supposedly in September.

FIFA 13: Rumours

As you’d expect with any highly anticipated title, the web is brimming with FIFA 13 rumours.

Taking previous FIFA release dates into account, we could expect FIFA 13 to land at around September or October time. FIFA 12 graced US shores on September 27, while UK fans had to wait a whole three days before they could grab their copy.

Nintendo Wii U: Rumours

As the Nintendo Wii U rumours continue to intensify, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine what to expect from the upcoming console. Remember, although the Wii U made an appearance at Microsoft’s E3 conference last year, it’s still under development and could look entirely different to how we last saw it.

However, the Wii U’s touchpad controller is likely to sport a two wireless Bluetooth 3-aixs motion controllers, a pair of circular analogue pads and d-pad controllers, as well as a stunning 6.2 inch screen.

Watch the FIFA 12 trailer below: