E3 2012: Nintendo Wii U official specs revealed

Nintendo's nifty new console, stripped

E3 2012 has seen yet more light shed on Nintendo's Wii U console with full specs showing that it certainly has the specs needed to take on the next-gen

Nintendo have release full specs for their upcoming 'next-generation' console the Nintendo Wii U. Boasting the kind of gaming hardware that could take on and exceed both the Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3 the question will be as to whether it'll persuade hardcore gamers away from the allure of the Xbox 720 or the Sony PS4.

First up is the most notable ommission from the specs list; yes, it’s true the Wii U will not be able to play DVDs or Blu-rays. What it will do is play 1080p media supplied by Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and Amazon Video.

Nintendo Wii U specs:

The Wii U is backwards compatible and will be able to play Wii games, use the original Wiimote, nunchuk, classic controller, the Wiimote Plus attachment and balance board but it will be unable to play GameCube games. Not that much of a surprise since the majority of people are blissfully unaware of the GameCube controller ports and memory card slots hiding beneath the shiny white plastic of their Wii consoles.

It’s not that much of a problem either, as should it take your fancy to play a six year-old game, the majority of GameCube games worth salvaging have been re-released as part of Nintendo’s ‘New Play Control’ range on Wii anyway.

Storage is provided by an internal flash drive, but players can save their progress on SD cards or on a USB thanks to the four available USB 2.0 ports.

Nintendo Wii U Graphics:

Fuelling the Wii U is a multi-core IBM Power processor, details are sparse about the number of cores, clock rate or cache sizes but reports suggest that the console will have some serious strength and use the same technology which fuels IBM’s artificial intelligence computer Watson – impressive credentials.

Nintendo Wii U specs verdict

Nothing too unexpected from the vague specs sheet released by Nintendo, more details about the processor and the AMD Radeon HD Graphics chip would have been useful to help accurately predict the level of HD output the little console will be capable of, but more details will no doubt be revealed soon.