Call of Duty Elite hit by issues after MW3 launch

Over-capacity believed to be cause of players woes

Following the COD: Modern Warfare 3 release Activision has been forced to give out 30 days free Call of Duty Elite memberships as issues continue

Early adopters of the new subscription-based Call of Duty service, Call of Duty Elite, are to be gifted 30 days worth of free membership as issues with the stats tracking add-on continue.

Landing alongside the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 release earlier this week, the Call of Duty Elite service, which is design to allow gamers to monitor the intricate details of their COD gaming and compete in exclusive competitions, has been plagued by outages.

Whilst developer Activision originally blamed unexpectedly high demand for the issues the company responsible for Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has now given a greater response offering all premium ‘Founder’ subs a month’s free use of the service.

Call of Duty Elite Issues

"On Call of Duty Elite, we are having trouble scaling the service to meet demand,” an official Activision spokesperson said. “Many of you are trying to get in and unfortunately, you can't right now. You're frustrated, we know it, and we know we need to fix it. Our teams have been working non-stop to identify issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. Again, these issues have no impact on the performance of the game.

“For our premium members who are Founders, know that granting your status and delivering your in-game benefits in MW3 is a priority. Also, to ensure that every premium member receives their full money's worth, we are immediately and automatically extending your membership to Call of Duty Elite by 30 days at no additional cost. If you're still considering becoming a premium member, we're going to extend Founder eligibility until the end of the month, and you will also receive the additional 30 days of access."

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Via: CVG