Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer: further details revealed

Latest COD most customisable multiplayer shooter ever?

Black Ops ramps up the customisation options and adds online splitscreen.

World at War developers Treyarch already gave us a taster of what Call of Duty fans can expect from Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer at the beginning of September, and now just two weeks before the game's release we're still getting details that are making the week of November 9th look like a period of not-much-getting-done.

According to developer Treyarch's community manager Josh Ollin, Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer looks to be taking pointers from Bungie's Halo series, offering players on both PS3 and Xbox 360 the chance to play online from the same machine with an online splitscreen mode.

A further tip of the hat goes to Halo for the new almost excessively detailed levels of match customisation: players can now start matches with specific weapon loadouts, select which gear can be found in the level and which "perks" (player-specific boosts like enhanced speed or invisibility to radar) are made available. "You want a pistols-only match?" asks Ollin, via the PlayStation blog, "make one. No longer do custom matches rely on the honour system."

New game types created by players can also be saved and uploaded online for the Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer community to enjoy. Says Ollin: "You just might create the most addictive game mode of all time from the comfort of your living room!"

The previous installment in the Call of Duty franchise - the record-shattering Modern Warfare 2 - scooped up awards around the world for its frenetic multiplayer deathmatches. Whether Black Ops can raise the bar still higher will become clear on November 9th.

Via: PlayStation Blog

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