Best iPad apps: App Store tops 100,000 native iPad apps

Apple App Store surpasses iPad app milestone

Apple's iTunes App Store has surpassed 100,000 native iPad apps with tablet users continuing to download the best iPad apps

More than 100,000 native iPad apps are now available from Apple’s iTunes App Store, a little over one year after the first Apple tablet applications were submitted.

Launching just 453 days ago, the iPad section of the Apple App Store has gone from strength-to-strength over the past 14 months with developers having now had 100,161 iPad apps approved by Apple in the US.

Whilst the US iPad App Store has topped the 100,000 native app milestone in less time than it took the iPhone to reach the same mark, UK Apple tablet users are still waiting on that 100,000th app with regional specific apps leaving the UK App Store dwindling on 99,335 apps.

Although Apple has yet to officially announce confirmation of the iPad landmark, US users can see the achievement for themselves simply by accessing the App Store on their favoured tablets and browsing the latest releases of the best free iPad apps and best paid for offerings.

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Via: Engadget