Battlefield on Wii U confirmed

EA CEO confirms first-person genre on upcoming console

The joining of EA and Nintendo appears to be just the start of a whole new wave of games hitting Nintendo's shores

EA's CEO John Riccitiello has confirmed that among others, Battlefield will be arriving on NIntendo's upcoming console Wii U.

This new partnership between EA and Nintendo is just the first step in a new generation of what could be perceived as 'adult' titles from various developers such as 'Batman Arkham', 'Assassin's Creed' and of course 'Battlefield'.

The console will use the full power of the Battlefield Frostbite engine and will be able to handle the HD graphics we've come to expect from the Battlefield series. The CEO also confirmed that EA Games would embrace Nintendo's open online functionality and of course the new controller utilising all it's functions such as an accelerometer and 6" touchscreen display.

This is definitely a bold step from Nintendo, adding a whole new audience of hardcore gamers by throwing in darker titles such as 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' and 'Ghost Recon Online'.

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