Battlefield 3 vehicles previewed in teaser trailer

New Battlefield 3 trailer outs gameplay footage of extensive vehicle offering

Ahead of next week's October 28th Battlefield 3 release date, developers EA and DICE have released a new Battlefield 3 trailer outing the full collection of Battlefield 3 vehicles that are set to feature

With the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 release date now less than two weeks away, publisher EA has outed a new Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer revealing the extensive role vehicles are set to play in the first person shooter.

Having previously outed but a smidgen of vehicle based gameplay footage the latest trailer offers a comprehensive insight into the selection of tanks, helicopter, fighter jets and cars to be made available to gamers and the role they are to play throughout the intense battle-based title.

Battlefield 3 Release Date

Set to hit stores across the UK next week, publisher EA and developer DICE have confirmed an October 28th Battlefield 3 release date with the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 title to land less than two week’s ahead of the franchise’s fiercest rival.

Targeting the coveted gaming chart Christmas number one slot, Battlefield 3 will go head-to-head with rival Call of Duty with on the vehicles to help Battlefield stand out from its high-profile competitor as a core pillar of the series’ offering. A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 release date has been set for November 8th.

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Via: CVG