Battlefield 3 sales see COD rival become EA's fastest selling game

Five million opening week sales see Battlefield 3 break EA records

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EA's leading first person shooter franchise has grown to record proportions with Battlefield 3 selling 5 million copies in its opening week to become the developer's fastest selling title of all time

Battlefield 3 has become Electronic Arts' fastest selling title to date shifting an impressive 5 million copies in its opening week.

Eclipsing previous figures set by EA's other leading franchises, Madden, FIFA and Need for Speed, Battlefield 3 has been confirmed to have sold half of the 10 million copies shipped for launch in its opening week.

Having hit the US last Tuesday, October 25th, a Battlefield 3 UK release date followed on October 28th with hundreds of gamers queuing outside retailers across the country to be among the first to get hold of the game when retailers opened their doors at midnight.

"Based on internal estimates, Battlefield 3 has sold through five million units in the first week globally, making it the fastest-selling game in EA's history," an official statement from the developer said.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

Hit by issues in the hours after launch Battlefield 3's extensive multiplayer offerings are one of the game's biggest draws with early adopters unable to access the EA Online servers and make the most of the multiplayer FPS action as high demand repeatedly brought the system down.

"Consumers have logged-on in unprecedented numbers to team up and join the battle," an official EA statement read. "Server stability was solid in the first weekend, delivering EA's highest-ever usage rates.

"While some players experienced intermittent disruption of online services due to high volume, internal estimates show that servers and service uptime stabilized to roughly 98.9% throughout the weekend, ensuring that players were connected and enjoying the game."

Battlefield 3 topped the UK All Format Gaming Chart following its opening week success but is expected to face stiff competition in the coming weeks with a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 UK release date pencilled in for November 8th.

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Find out why Battlefield 3 is EA's fastest selling game in our video with the prolific game below.

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