Battlefield 3 maps detailed ahead of launch date

Developer DICE outs new details on the upcoming first person shooter and COD rival

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With the Battlefield 3 UK release date set for October 28th, developer DICE has revealed a fleet of new details around the first person shooter and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rival

With the upcoming Battlefield 3 release set to hit stores in just two weeks time, developer DICE has unveiled further details on the imminent first person shooter.

Whilst the title’s Operation Metro level has already been heavily publicised and shown off in multiple gameplay trailers, lead Battlefield 3 designer Niklas Astrand has now outed further details on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rival.

“One of our largest and most vehicle-friendly maps, Operation Firestorm is the classic Battlefield gameplay taken to the extremes,” said Astrand. “This is a wide-open desert map where the burning oil fields in one direction are contrasted by clear blue sky in the other.”

Further maps revealed by Astrand include Thran Highway and Damavand Peak with the latter being described as featuring “our most extreme height differences ever in a Battlefield map.”

He added: Attackers in Rush and Squad Rush will start high up on a mountain ridge above a mining facility. The only way down into the valley is to somehow make the 500 meter descent. The further the attackers progress in the map, the more vehicle warfare will be present. There is also a large tunnel section dug into the mountain side at the bottom of the map, and the view when you look up at the starting location is spectacular.

Battlefield 3 Release Date

Set to hit stores across the globe on October 28th, Battlefield 3 will land less than two weeks ahead of the eagerly awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 release date with the Activision title to touch down on November 8th.

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