Apple iOS 5: Twitter integration set to run deep?

Will the service be 'baked' into the mobile platform?

Options such as 'Upload to Twitter' may appear throughout the new UI

Another day, another iOS 5 rumour. This one’s off the back of word from the other day that Twitter is set to launch its own photo upload service, Twitter Pictures; Apple insiders and sources from around the web have crept from the woodwork to declare that Twitter will be ‘baked’ deep into the next iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system.

These rumours are primarily concerned with photography. Most of the claimed ‘sources’ reckon that Twitter’s photo service will sit within the camera and album app, making it easy to upload your snaps to Twitter just like how you can upload videos to Youtube currently.

Other voices are claiming that the integration won’t stop there, though. Some think that integration with the micro-blogging site will extend to something similar to that found in Windows Phone 7, where the contacts app will sync with Twitter to pull your friends’ feeds into one place.

What do you think? Does this move make sense, or should Apple focus more on Facebook? Let us know your thoughts on the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.