Angry Birds hits 30 million Android downloads

Bird-slinging Android juggernaut flies to new record

Mobile gaming's flagship puzzler hits 30 million milestone at GDC.

It was the game that launched a thousand knock-offs: Angry Birds, the smartphone physics puzzler in which the titular aggrieved avians are slingshotted into rickety buildings full of pigs (they stole the eggs, see?) has another record to stash in the Rovio trophy cabinet.

According to Rovio CEO and Angry Birds mastermind Peter Vesterbacka, the ad-supported free release of Angry Birds on Android has pipped the thirty million download mark. Furthermore, Vesterbacka revealed during his speech at this year's Game Developers Conference that 80% of people who downloaded the game come back for more, downloading Angry Birds updates to keep the avian-lobbing experience fresh.

The game has been available for a while on Android, Nokia, iPhone and iPad, and Vesterbacka has hinted in the past that the Rovio team is looking to expand the Angry Birds experience to social networking sites like Facebook in the future.

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