Angry Birds cookbook to land in bookstores near you

An egg-filled recipe book flying your way soon

Angry Birds cookbook to teach us how to make eggs.

Rovio has announced their plans to launch a cookbook at the Open Mobile Summit in London.

The company, based in Finland, has not revealed much more about the impending cookbook other than the recipes in the book will be centred on eggs.

It will target families, will be self-published and be distributed by online retailers such as Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble. It will be available in book and e-book formats.

When the book is released, it will be the latest to add to the franchise's expansion into the gaming merchandise world. Peter Vesterbacka said the book is just one of Rovio's plans to make the game a major brand and franchise around the world.

Rovio has already sold more than three million Angry Birds plush toys and 30 million t-shirts. Its also planning a movie based on the Angry Birds game to be produced in-house.

Would you shell out cash (see what we did there?) for an Angry Birds cookbook or is the merchandising going too far? Let us know what you think on T3's Twitter and Facebook feeds and follow us for more gaming news.

Via: The Independent