Angry Birds Championship takes Finland by storm

19-year old wonderkid takes home the coveted prize

Those crazy Finns take Angry Birds to the next level with a nationwide battle

Fired a few feathered missiles in your time? Popped a pig or two? If you consider yourself a bit of an Angry Birds expert, you may want to think again.

19-year old Jonas Koivula has recently become the first national Angry Birds Champion after Finland's two biggest names in tech, Nokia and Angry Birds developer Rovio joined forced to offer the nation's app loving residents the chance to enter the Finland National Angry Birds Championship.

Over 2600 participants entered into the regional qualifiers with only 32 making it to the final. Finalists included a remarkably talented six-year old who had been practicing on his father's smartphone and a man who had driven two hours to win a qualifying event having lost out at his local bout.

Despite the determined competition, Jonas' girlfriend said she "knew he'd win" after practicing in between exams every day for two months. The champion received two Nokia N8s and a trip for two to Hollywood.

Rovio's ambitions for their Angry Birds platform have been well publicised recently with plans to float on the NYSE and Chairman Kaj Hed announcing that their "goal is to become number one in the world."

A blog post from Nokia hinted that the championships could be taken to the international stage and with time left before the Olympics hit London in 2012, we suggest you get learning those levels and flexing your fingers.

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Via: Nokia