Amazon Kindle gets free word games

Read a book, play some games. All in the Kindle.

Two free games have been introduced to the Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle Development Kit, announced in January, has now given Kindle users two free games: Every Word and Shuffled Row.

Every Word is a word-scramble game which asks players to find as many words as possible from a jumble of letters. Shuffled Row involves players creating words from 60 lettered tiles, where letters are replaced after they have been used to create a word.

Amazon has said they are still working with limited-beta developers who have been given early access to the Kindle Development Kit. They also say they plan to open the program to more developers.

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The new Amazon Kindle hits the UK site on 27 August in white and graphite. Will games be a new avenue for e-readers? Time will tell.

These games are now available for free download on Amazon.

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Via: PC World