Alleged PS3 hackers face legal action from Sony

PS3 hackers face courts as Sony files restraining order

Defiant hacker says he does not fear the rath of Sony

Gaming giant Sony has taken legal action against hackerswho allegedly brokeinto the PS3’s software, giving users the ability to run any sort of program on their machines, including pirated games.

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Over 100 hackers, part of the group fail0verflow, will face legal actionfor theirinvolvementin what Sonyclaims to becopyright infringement and computer fraud.

George Hotz, a 21 year old hacker, also famous for hacking the Apple iPhone, has boldly said that he does not fear the might of Sony and the courts.

In aquote on the BBC news website, he said: “I have spoken with legal counsel and I feel comfortable that Sony's action against me doesn't have any basis”

The faile0verflow gangcould come up against arestraining order, banningthem from further hacking and denying the right to distribute the software produced from their hapless hacking.

Thehack in questionworks by unlockingthe signing code of the Sony PS3which is used to prove if software or games are genuine. Thecode can then be used to 'sign' any other game orsoftware as real, even thoughit may bea version you bought from that dodgy looking man at the market.

A judgementwill be madeby the courts, stateside. Stay tuned.