Acer Iconia Smart unveiled at MWC Barcelona

4.8" blower straddles line between phone and tablet

Acer leapfrogs other mobile manufacturers in size - but how big is too big?

We at T3 Towers have been keeping a close eye on the tablet-ification of the smartphone, as screen sizes on handsets like the HTC Desire HD and MWC debutante the Samsung Galaxy S2 creep north of the four inch mark to 4.3 and beyond. Their small step, however, is Acer's massive leap as it ushers in its latest behemoth of a smartphone: the Acer Iconia Smart.

The Iconia Smart physically towers over the competition (well it would, if you stood it on end), measuring in at a Leviathan 4.8 inches - a mere 2.2 inches smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It would also leave them in the shade, as the handset itself is boasts the same slightly dubious fits-your-face-better curves last seen sexing up the Google Nexus S.

Leaving the realm of pained metaphor behind, the Iconia looks top notch all round: an 8MP camera with LED flash, a front-facing 2MP video call camera, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and the pairing of an accelerometer and gyroscope for full PlayStation-style Sixaxis gaming control. The aformentioned windscreen of a display packs 1024x480 pixels in to boot - but while big displays might get the media-addicted smartphone users of the world salivating, 4.8 inches makes for a seriously hefty device - you certainly wouldn't call it svelte. Whether that's a dealbreaker or not will have to wait for our first review, but for now, colour us intrigued.

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