3D TV not as important as internet, says T3 readers

Readers poll reveals 3D is only second on list of must haves

It seems that despite the slew of 3D devices being launched at IFA, the technology hasn't made the top spot in our readers poll.

T3 readers have voted that they would rather have internet connectivity and apps (40 per cent) over having 3D on their next television.

Technology brands may not need to panic just yet as 3D did come a very close second (38 per cent) when we asked readers what technology they'd most want on their next TV, however considering how much has been invested in the tech, this must come as a surprise.

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Until recently, apps for Televisions had been considered a relatively low key feature, however with Sony and Samsung both offering WiFi enabled HD TVs, widgets have been released by both brands which can enable customers to check their emails, watch YouTube and even see the weather.

In joint third with 8 per cent was firstly the CELL processor featured in the Sony PS3 Slim and the Toshiba CELL TV, then secondly was paper thin width, something that is looking increasingly close to reality, well maybe cardboard anyway.

What was the best gadget at IFA 2010? Vote now in this weeks T3 Readers Poll.