Xbox Kinect versus PlayStation Move

Head-to-head with the gaming tech we cant wait to play with

Sony and Microsoft have flown out of the gates with competitors to Nintendo's Wii. But which one has the edge? Let the motion games begin...

Set to do battle in the coming months, one promises motion controller accuracy the Wii could only wish for, the other could change the way we play games forever.

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PS3 and Xbox 360 fans have a lot to look forward to with the arrival of Microsoft Kinect and the Sony PlayStation Move, but which should be nestling under your Christmas tree with the collection of deodorant/shower gel combination packs?

See below for our look at how the two innovative gaming peripherals shape up against one another.


Xbox Kinect hardware
Microsoft's controller-free marvel consists of a projector, a colour IR VGA motion camera, a depth camera that runs continously at 30fps and four downward facing microphones which are used for voice recognition.

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PlayStation Move hardware
Sony's PlayStation Move comprises of the main wand-like device which houses a three-axis accelerometer and the colour-changing sphere for PlayStation Eye tracking. There is also the Wii nunchuck-like PlayStation Move support controller and the PlayStation Eye camera which tracks the movement of the Move controller.

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Xbox 360 S console
Joining its console compatriot by shaving off some of that excess weight, among the other notable new features of the Xbox 360 S is that it's quieter (See our noise test here), has built-in Wi-Fi and importantly houses a dedicated port for Microsoft Kinect. Fear not though, those who have not purchased the new Xbox 360 S, will still be able to play Kinect through their current console.

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PS3 Slim console
Since Sony trimmed down its flagship console thankfully reducing the fan racket in the process, a recent firmware update also added 3D gaming with 3D blu-ray support also on the way later in the year. On the Move front, the good news is that Sony has revealed that PlayStation Move 3D gaming will also be heading to the PS3 in the near future.

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Xbox Kinect games
When Project Natal debuted at E3 2009, a host of developers had already signed up to the motion controller cause with notable industry figures such as Peter Molyneux having had the opportunity to get familiar with the hardware.

The latest word is that the games will cost about £30, and so far along with Kinectic Sports (think Wii Sports for the Xbox 360) and Kinect adventures which will ship with Kinect, the likes of Star Wars, Joyride and an unnamed Harmonix dance title will get the Kinect treatment.

We personally can't wait for Ubisoft's all-dancing Michael Jackson game where you'll be challenged with emulating his moves, singing his songs and basically being the King of Pop minus the plastic surgery and skin bleaching. Miss you every day Michael....

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PlayStation Move games currently lists the PlayStation Move compatible Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for £39.99, suggesting that most Move games will probably follow suit.

As well as showing off a number of Move mini-games such as Move Party and TV Superstars at E3 and GDC this year, Capcom’s Resident Evil 5, Little Big Planet 2, and SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals are among the standout games to support the Move.

Most notably however, is the rumour that the much-delayed Gran Turismo 5 will land with both 3D and PlayStation Move support. The source close to Sony claims getting to grips with the new technologies has been a factor in the numerous delays. So fingers crossed.

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Xbox Kinect price
Initial rumours suggested that Kinect would be priced at a particularly reasonable £50, but Microsoft has since revealed that the standalone Kinect sensor with the ‘Kinect Adventures’ title will set gamers back a rather hefty £129.99. Unsurprisingly, retailers have voiced their concerns over the steep price tag, calling for Microsoft to lower the price.

PlayStation Move price
Retailers such as Game, currently list the PlayStation Move Starter Pack which includes a Move controller, PlayStation Eye and starter disc, for £49.99. If you already own a PlayStation Eye camera, standalone Move sticks are set to cost £34.99 and Navigation controllers will set you back £24.99.

Release date

Xbox Kinect UK release date
Although no official word has yet been given by Microsoft as to the gaming peripheral’s official launch, online retailers HMV and are offering Kinect for pre-order under the release date of November 19th conveniently just in time for you to splash your festive cash on a new accessory for your Xbox 360.

PlayStation Move UK release date
Sony confirmed at this year's E3 that PlayStation Move was heading to the UK on September 19th, which is some time before Microsoft Kinect is rumoured to land on shelves. So, plenty of time to get an upper hands on its fierce rival.