Poll: Kinect, Move, Wii: which is best?

Which motion-controlled gaming experience is king?

Will Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo come out on top?

It’s poll time again. What with E3 now in full swing and Microsoft deciding to completely rebrand Project Natal as ‘Kinect’, we thought we’d open up a debate on the motion-control gaming war now in full swing.

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It’s a simple question: which of the three options is better? Is the veteran Wii good enough to withstand this onslaught, or will the upstarts from Microsoft and Sony steal the show? We appreciate that most of you won’t have had a chance to play with Kinect or Move, but we reckon there’s enough info out there to form a decent opinion.

Answer the poll to let us know where you side: Which motion-control gaming machine/device has what it takes?survey software