title: BlackBerry 10 first details announced / url: BlackBerry-10-first-details-announced


BlackBerry 10: OS for all

Following in the footsteps of iOS 5 and Android 4.0, BlackBerry 10 will provide a platform that both BlackBerry tablets and smartphones will be able to access and benefit from. Built from the ground up, RIM plans to deliver 'real-time mobile experiences,' and will support BlackBerry cloud services.


BlackBerry 10 Open Source

RIM has made the step to allow developers access to around 100 open source libraries which should entice more potential developers and companies into choosing BlackBerry as their platform of choice.


BlackBerry 10 HTML 5

It's good news for developers that HTML 5 is set to play an important role in BlackBerry 10 ensuring apps created work across all devices, promising a seamless experience which should make future phones and tablets genuine 'pick up and play' business devices.


BlackBerry 10:Cascades

BlackBerry fans can expect a massively overhauled user interface experience courtesy of Cascades which in the hands of developers, should deliver richer, more visually stunning environments with the potential for 3D graphics and more sophisticated animations. You can check out Cascades in action in the video below.


BlackBerry 10: Cascades video


BlackBerry 10:Super App

It sounds exciting and we sincerely hope it lives up to its super billing, RIM claims Super Apps will bring more deeper intergration between BlackBerry 10 apps. So expect always-on Push services and BBM integration.


BlackBerry 10: Release date

When will we see the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone or tablet? Well the OS 10 SDK has now been made available to developers, and rumours point to an October release date for the first BlackBerry 10 phone, so it could be a few months yet before you can get your hands on a handset.


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