Where to buy toilet paper: these retailers still have stock

Updated! We've hunted down the places you can still order toilet paper

where to buy toilet paper
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Down to your last roll of toilet paper? Faced with bare shelves and 'out of stock' messages wherever you turn? We've hunted high and low to find the retailers that still have toilet paper in stock during this great loo roll shortage of 2020. Read on for a guide to where you can still pick up a multipack of toilet paper in the UK and US. 

Readers in the US – we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that pretty much everywhere is out of stock for delivery right now. Ever since lockdown came into effect, people have been buying in such huge quantities that the toilet paper manufacturers just can't keep up (it's a similar situation with products such as hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes). 

Here's the good news: more toilet paper is coming, according to Kimberly-Clark – the toilet paper manufacturer behind big brands such as Cottonelle and Scott. "We are working around the clock to help get these essential products back on the shelf," Arist Mastorides, a representative for Kimberly-Clark North America, told CNBC Make It, "... our teams see those empty shelves and they are working really hard, really safely to make sure that we close the gap."

While it might not be comforting news for readers who are down to their last roll, if you've still got a bit of a stash left, please avoid panic-buying every pack you come across. For stock levels to return to normal, everyone needs to stop stockpiling. As Mastorides says, "it's up to how consumers are buying and how they start to share."

In the UK, the picture is currently a bit better, but the message remains: please buy responsibly

Read on for a guide of the online retailers that still have stock of toilet paper available for delivery. In the UK, many big supermarkets' delivery slots are very booked up (see our guide to which supermarkets still have delivery slots available? for more on this), but we've hunted down some place where you can still order loo roll for delivery. 

Where to buy toilet paper in the US

Toilet roll at Target | Various prices at Target.com
There are quite a few toilet paper buying options at Target. However, many are unavailable for delivery, and require you to pick up in store. Click through to browse availability in your area.
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Toilet paper at Office Depot | Various prices at OfficeDepot.com
There is some stock of toilet paper at Office Depot, but none currently available for delivery. Click through to check if there's any available locally for in-store pickup near you.
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Toilet roll at Sears and Sears Marketplace | Various prices at Sears
There's no toilet paper at Sears directly at the moment, but Sears Marketplace does have some options to explore. Click through to browse your options.
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Browse all Walgreens toilet paper | Various prices at Walgreens.com
At time of writing, there was no toilet paper available for delivery from Walgreens. However, there are plenty of options to click and collect from in-store. Click through to find a pack of toilet paper in your local store, and reserve for collection.
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SOLD OUT Toilet tissue (24 rolls) | $56.42 at ebay
Pick up this 3-ply loo roll from ebay today (shipping from Canada). Choose between 1, 2, 4, 12 or 24 rolls according to your needs. Be aware there's a bit of a delay – delivery is currently predicted between two and four weeks away.
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UK: Where to buy toilet paper

Bamboo toilet paper (16 rolls) | £15.99 at ebay
This toilet paper is made from bamboo and looks to be unbleached, but should do the job (and if you're really, really stocking up, you can pick up 64 toilet rolls in one go for £47.69).
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Browse all toilet paper at ebay
Once you've exhausted all the usual channels and brands, it's time to start looking further afield. Ebay has been an unexpectedly reliable source of toilet paper for the past few weeks. Sure, some of it is slightly utilitarian looking, but it'll do the job. Keep an eye on where it's shipping from, and the delivery date.View Deal

Essential Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue (16 rolls) | £6 at Waitrose
This multipack of Waitrose Essentials loo roll it's ultra-soft, and in stock. Delivery and click and collect slots are reserved for the elderly and vulnerable.View Deal

Essential Ultra bathroom tissue | £3.70 (9 rolls) Waitrose
Grab this 9-pack of toilet paper from the Waitrose Essentials range for £3.70. In stock now. Note: you can't currently book new delivery slots at Waitrose, unless you're vulnerable or elderly.
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Andrex Aloe Vera toilet paper (9 rolls) | £5.75 at Tesco
This 'skin kind' toilet paper from Andrex has a 'CleanRipple' texture designed to help remove bacteria. It's dermatologically tested, and available to buy at Tesco right now.View Deal

Andrex Supreme Quilts (9 rolls) | £5.75 at Tesco
This 4-ply Andrex toilet paper has 'plush cushiony layers' and a touch of silk. It's probably the most luxurious loo roll ever, and it's in stock at Tesco right now.View Deal